As the COVID-19 virus spreads and increasingly drastic social isolation protocols are being rolled out daily, Renewal Physiotherapy has been looking for ways to continue servicing the community. Our main goals are keeping our patients healthy, stopping the spread of Coronavirus, and adhering to government guidelines. With this in mind, we are offering video conference appointments to get you through these tough times.

A thorough subjective assessment, observation of movement and functional tests often provide enough information to diagnose the problem. The “hands on” component of the treatment is directed at alleviating the current symptoms. However, utilisation of equipment such as foam rollers and massage balls (demonstrated during the session), can help substitute for the manual component video conferencing doesn’t provide. If you do not own the relevant equipment, it can be ordered for you to avoid ordering incorrect equipment or an inferior product.

The exercises and stretches prescribed during the session will be provided via email, including relevant pictures and written descriptions (including how many, how often, etc…).

Video conferencing is not new to physiotherapy, it is reasonably common practice in rural areas without ready access to a local physiotherapist and Renewal Physiotherapy already has clients utilising this service with great results.

If you would like further information, do not hesitate to get in contact. You can call Scott directly on 0431 201 628, or simply book a “45 Minute Video Consultation” with Scott here.